Saturday, July 19, 2014

That’s No Lady…

Alan gave us this intriguing photo for this week's Sepia Saturday challenge and invited us to "go to the ballet, or the dancehall, or the theatre or anywhere you find lots of chiffon and over-dramatic poses."
What he doesn't tell us is that the ladies depicted in the photo are not ladies—they are all men! That is the theme I have chosen for my contribution to this challenge.

My grand-uncle Lee attended an all-boys school in Chicago from about 1938 to about 1941 when he enlisted in the Army. From all accounts, he was always a comedian and show-man, taking every opportunity to entertain those around him. The school put on a production where every single part was played by a male student. The family story says that Uncle Lee was so delighted with how well his costume and makeup turned out that he arrived at his mother's house in full regalia. She didn't recognize her own son!

This is the entire cast of that play. The back of the photo is written: "Lee Jackson - second from left - an all boys school – Chicago."
This is a photo of Lee about the same time. What do you think? Is he the 2nd from the left in the school play? He's got a really pretty face, especially with those nice full lips.
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