Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Time for Uncle Lee

The Sepia Saturday challenge this week is very intriguing! It is a simple photo, but contains so much in the details...we have turtles (or tortoises), pipes, watches, mustaches, military, caps (again), flagstones, pinky fingers, and probably much more that I'm not noticing.

I'm afraid I don't have any turtles or tortoises to share, although I do remember that we had a couple of those tiny turtles with painted shells when we were children. As far as I know, there were never any photos taken of them. Therefore, I was forced to kick-off with the pipes theme.

This photo is my great-uncle Lloyd Edward (Lee) Jackson and his eldest sister, Signa Aileen (Jackson) Bedillion. Lee was born 15 May 1920 in Rockland, Massachusetts. He was the youngest child and only boy in the family and from all accounts he was quite a character. It appears he was encouraged in his eccentricity since he was a baby, evidenced by the pipe placed in his mouth in this photo.

Lee and Signa Jackson, 1921 or 1922.
In later years, Lee became a renowned scrimshaw artist in Tennessee. That pipe given to him as a baby seems to have stuck with him.

Lee Jackson about 1990, complete with pipe,
mustache and beard (an extra thrown in for free)!

And if you're looking for a military theme, here is Lee with his jump team looking like they're getting ready to go up in an airplane and jump out. He was in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division from 1942 to 1945.

Uncle Lee is standing on the far right.

If it's watches you want, here is a photo of Lee pointing to his car's tire for reasons known only to himself. If you look closely at the pointing hand, you will see its wrist is clad in a watch.

Lee Jackson wearing a watch.

All these photos of Uncle Lee has made me want to write more about him, but I don't have time now to do him justice. He will definitely be the object of one of my future blog posts, however, when there will be More Time for Uncle Lee.

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  1. Great post, right on theme.I'm looking forward to reading more about Uncle Lee another time.

  2. I like the way you touched on several of the prompt's themes with the same person.

  3. Clearly Uncle Lee is an all purpose man: the pipe, a watch and the military aspect :)
    Was the 82nd Airborne also in Operation Market Garden near Arnhem, Holland?

  4. Which just goes to show how careful we should be when we use our offspring for our own amusement! Nicely connected Sherri.

  5. I really wanted to do pipes - I thought for sure I had pipe smokers in the family but alas, there is only ONE photo of some UNKNOWN. The first picture is a gem!!

  6. One man who ticks all the boxes. Great piece.

  7. Ah, someone who does the assignment correctly. A+ to you!

  8. Great post. You checked off all the boxes, as they say.
    Lee sounds like a very interesting man. I hope in the future you will show us some of his scrimshaw work.

  9. I suppose it's not PC to say that I liked the photo of Uncle Lee as a baby with the pipe in his mouth. Somehow it reminds of Popeye.
    Very enjoyable post.

  10. I always envisage a scrimshaw artist - who, by the way, is not a scrimshank, that's something else altogether - as carving his designs onto an elephant seals tusk or piece of whale bone below decks on a sailing ship, far from civilization. I didn't know they were still doing it in the 20th Century.

  11. He sounds like he was a really interesting man. I look forward to hearing more about him.

  12. Oh yes, do find some time to write more about him

  13. You join all the dots and leave us with a fine picture of Uncle Lee. I look forward to even more of his life emerging in future posts.

  14. Look forward to meeting Uncle Lee again, and seeing his scrimshaw if it still exists.

    He looks like a fellow that is a little Bohemian, and would have probably made a good blogger

  15. How wonderful, and super funny with that adorable smoking child! It's funny but often while reading everyone's posts about their some of their family members it makes me think imagine if we could meet them all in some Sepia Saturday party ! What a fun time that would be!

  16. Is Uncle Lee still around? He looks like a fascinating character. I'll be waiting for "More Time For Uncle Lee"
    and hopefully some scrimshaw photos.

  17. It's nice when a theme can inspire a fine tribute like this and introduce us to a unique person. Well done.