Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Mystery Photo

We are pretty sure that the woman with the tire around her neck is my great-grandmother Oskara Francesca (Frances) Jackson nee Bye who is featured in many of my past posts. But we do not know who the other people are or where the photo was taken. This looks like it was taken in the 1930s based on the clothing the women are wearing. The photo was one of several unlabeled that were found with Frances' youngest daughter Lillian's effects. Lillian married  Lloyd Elwood Cornell in 1936 Chicago. Frances could have been visiting her daughter at the daughter's in-laws place? Or maybe she was visiting her own in-laws the Whittemore-Jacksons in Massachusetts.

Any suggestions on how to track down the who, when, where of this photo is appreciated!

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  1. Do you suppose the girl in front really pulled them around? That had to be fun!