Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sympathy Saturday - Jacob Heinz

Jacob and Christine (Schwartz) Heinz
It seems appropriate to write about my 3rd Great-Grandfather as his birthday was this week.  Jacob Heinz was born 14 September 1812 in Germany and died on 15 May 1904 at the age of 91 years, 8 months and 1 day (don't you love those calculators the genealogy programs give you?).

Jacob learned carpentry from his father, George, as a young boy. In February 1837, at the age of 24, he set off for the U.S. He arrived in New York on 15 April where he remained until the fall when he went to Mt. Vernon, Florida to work on the United States arsenal. Jacob worked there until April 1843. His friend, Erhart Beyer, told him of the "great opportunities and the fertile soil" found in Cook county, so he purchased one hundred and sixty acres in the town of Maine.

Jacob Heinz married Christine Schwartz, daughter of Peter Schwartz, on 13 June 1844. They had twelve children, eight of whom lived to adulthood.

Jacob and Christine are considered to be original settlers of the Grennan Heights area of Niles. He was elected Town Supervisor for one term, but refused any additional political appointments stating that "a man cannot well be a politician and be honest."

Jacob died of "senile gengrene of left leg" on 15 May 1904 in Niles Center.

Christine died on 27 October 1906 at the age of 82. They are both buried in the St. Peter Catholic cemetery in Skokie.

Both Jacob and Christine lived long and prosperous lives. They left many children to carry on their work. So, why are they the target of my sympathy, you ask? Well, they aren't. The targets of my sympathy are all of us that were born after they died because we didn't have the opportunity to get to know them personally. But I feel certain that I will meet them after I leave this world and will mean it when I thank them for their legacy.

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  1. Sherri, Jacob is my 3x grandfather , I was named after his son martin