Thursday, September 22, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Payson Avenue, Rockland, Massachusetts

This is a postcard that was found in my great-grandmother's effects. It was probably taken between 1915 and 1930. We believe that one of the homes depicted here is either the home in which she lived with her first husband at 37 Payson Ave. (Harry Edward JACKSON and Oscara Francesca "Francis" BYE) or the one that her second husband (Alton or Allen William WENDERGREN) lived with his mother and step-father (John J. WESTMAN and Matilda Sofia ANDERSON) at 74 Payson Ave.

This is written on the back of the postcard:
To Mr. A. Ekhurg
8 Mill ot
Dorchester Mass
yug far dur aran att yratlubea Pa Augut dagen Westman

WESTMAN was the name of the family living at 74 Payson Ave. and they were all born in Sweden. Since that name appears on the postcard, I'm guessing it is written in Swedish. It is also more likely that the WESTMAN home at 74 Payson Ave. is in this photo not only because their name is in the postcard's message but also because there is a curve in the road on the photo and there is a curve in the road at that address in Google maps. Unfortunately, there is no street view available on Google maps but there are many houses in the areas of both addresses which makes me think that they are both still standing. If anyone is ever in the neighborhood, please let me know if the houses are still there.

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