Thursday, September 29, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Chicago

This is a picture of my great-grandmother Frances (Bye) Jackson and her eldest daughter Signa Eileen Jackson taken about mid-1930 on the balcony of Frances' Chicago apartment on Addison. The balcony was on the back of the unit and was a favorite setting for family photos.

Great-grandma lived in that apartment from at least 1930 until sometime in the 1950s. She lived there with her three daughters, one son, and her lover (presented to the world as her brother).

 What makes this apartment interesting to me is that it is about 200 feet from Wrigley Field.


But that was not my great-grandmother's favorite view from her home...that honor went to the Marshall's department store that could be seen from her back balcony. At least, that's what my mother remembers, but I'm not so sure. The closest Marshall's is on North Clark Street and looks like it's too far to be seen from the 2nd story apartment on West Addison Street. What do you think? Was there perhaps a different Marshall's that has since been torn down?

1141 W. Addison St., Chicago (Present Day)
She and "uncle" Al moved half a mile away to 3450 North Janssen Avenue sometime before 1955 and to another apartment in that building at 3458 North Janssen before 1968.

3450/3458 N. Janssen Ave., Chicago (Present Day)

Frances and Al in their Janssen apartment, c1960.

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